On a side note…

30 10 2007

Some comedian made some joke about how women could never rule the world (Chris Rock maybe?) because women hate women… now while i know this to be silly as all hell and totally not true…

I gotta tell you it’s kinda true, I mean I’ve been hanging out on campus just putzing about really but I have had one .. count em one girl, friendly that went past civil to me.  Mean while I have had full on friendly chats with three guys.  I’m not trying to do anything, I’m not even on one of missions to make friends.  i have just made friendly comments or greetings (even just a nice smile) at most people who have made any kind of eye contact and the women have all totally failed to respond or very much… it’s weird.  But guys smile back chat , random cashier dude went out of his way to tell me to have a nice day in that friendly I mean it not I have to say it for work kinda way. 

I mean it just might be ‘today’ or something but it’s something I have noticed before, women will often be a bit ‘chilly’ to a strange woman where as men seem to be more open to the friendly vibes… I’m sure it all boils down to some silly biological thing but it’s something I have noticed before and it just kinda amused me when I thought about what that comedian said. :D.

That is all… ( my little thought on life for today).                                        
                                                                                                  … Although I wonder if I was ugly how that would affect the whole equation? 




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