This is your friend…. this is your friend bored in an airport

27 10 2007

So I have made a rather startling discovery… ok it’s not… it just about word choice which is all rather obvious when you think about it.  I hate travelling.  Ok not hate just don’t like very much (although if you think of it as a waiting period before arrival for the sole perpose of building excitment perhaps it might not be so bad).  Seriously.. getting to the airport taxi’s, trains, buses, then you are at the airport where you have to be early in order to not miss your flight but then you have to putz around bored out of your mind.  Although I must say ‘go Taipei airport’, it’s looking kinda swank and nice (terminal two anyway) and they have all these free interenet stations that make me think happy thoughts about the ‘ole tabacco leaf’.     Back to the rant… then there are all the freaking transfers and wait times between those.. BAH.  I can’t wait till I’m wonderfully rich and just bloody charter a plane to take me directly to my destination… 

   Anyway I ‘travel’ a fair amount and to the casual observer it would seem clear that I like to travel, NOT SO.  I like arriving.  I like to get somewhere, one might argue I appreciate the arrival all the more for the suffering of the Travel… but to you I say NAY and poo poo on that.  I’m a chipper bunny, unessisary torement is well unessisary.

Ok I’m done now.

So I’m a totally retard and cannot do simple math, I was thinking about how much cash I should bring even asked my friends in the states how much they thought I should bring… and then brought WAY tooo much.  Now that would be fine except I brought stupid amounts of cash because I’m retarded and can’t seem to work out the difference between 3000nt and 30000nt…. seriously I hand the money changing girl my cash and she hands me this mad stack of american hundreds.. I was like hey I know the exchange rate is pretty good today but calm down… WHOOA I’m a tard hang on I don’t need to change this much.. oops… good thing I’m used to carring what people at home would consider a silly amount of cash. 

(I would spell check this but the mouse doesn’t like me so you’ll have to tough it out).

Grr and that stupid no liquids into the states rule interfered with my plan to buy my pretty lovely yummiest Baylies… bastards… I’ll show them… It’ll probably be cheaper over there anyway! (sniffle)…. 

Ok well I should probably go get on the plane or something :D.  

MAYBE there will be free internet in Tokyo too!!! 😀 tralalalal (are we there yet?)
(what is it about airports that makes me babble?)




2 responses

28 10 2007

You are a silly rabbit.

Love you too!

31 10 2007

kiss kiss

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