23 10 2007

Oh god I am sick and it sucks because it is making me crabby cranky and shitty….   I’m being bitchy to people which sucks.. and all
I want to do is hide in my room .. but I have to go clean the house…

Yesterday my joints all felt like they were going to explode…. ick…  Although it was surprising how nice everyone at my morning school was being, they are usually a little cranky and mean about everything.   But there was an abundance of kindness going around….

On another note I’m totally stoked about my trip this weekend.  I have started packing already… I need to pack some more practical stuff 😀 though.

I’m on a new web page called Twitter    there are updates on what I’m doing, kinda like on facebook but just updates not all the other stuff    

There has been some bad news about our trip at new years, apparently two agents booked us on the same flights so we lost all our bookings and now we don’t have a flight…. not sure what’s going to be happening with that but we will figure something out :).

Time to go clean and do some laundry.




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