21 10 2007

So this week we went to a plethora of going away parties for Chris and Sarah, I never got much of a chance to hang out with them before but they are really nice so it was fun.  

On Friday I wasn’t feeling a night out, but the hypnotist show at the Comedy Club sounded fun so we went to that.  I dragged Tracey up on stage with me… mostly I thought it might be kinda neat for her to give it a go.  I’ve been Hypnotised before and it’s good times.  I wish I had gotten to watch the show the dude next to me spent the whole time playing with his ‘happy finger’ that made him feel happy and stoned whenever he played with it.  I was pretty goofy at the beginning but I have a short attention span and Brian took too long to come back to me so I came out of the trance a bit.  I did lose some serious time though I thought we were up there about 30mins but really it was about an hour and a half.

  After the show we chatted with Brian and his friend from the states who is also a hypnotist, about the show and hypnotism etc.  It was interesting to discuss that kind of stuff with people who know whats going on with it.  After the show I came home piddled about on my computer and went to bed.

On Sat I went to Yoga and then for lunch with Merril and Erin, it was really nice to get to hang out with them and really chat.  We ended up talking about all kinds of unusual and interesting bits of our lives and histories that we might not normally share with people at least not in a big group.  After lunch we cruised the flower and Jade markets found lots of interesting things but nothing that I had to have.  Merril couldn’t resit the penis pendants… we hilarious watching him playing with them and asking which was the best.   I did get to see Meteorite metal for the first time it was pretty damn cool, I actually really wanted one of the pendants but they were kinda pricey, oh well another time.   That night I went out for drinks at Peoples for my friend Tinus’ birthday were we discussed how getting older is only improving us :D.  I’m kinda looking forward to my next birthday ;).

 After chatting and having a few drinks I went home and called a couple of friends, Dee couldn’t hear me.. or she thinks I smell and was just hanging up, Ray just hung up (you moo cow), maybe she couldn’t hear me either and I chatted with Casey for a while but he was at work.  Seriously no one has any respect for the drunken silly dialing!!! GEEZ people.  lol just kidding.

Today I went to Yoga at lunch and then went for brunch with Tracey, Melissa, and Flo.  After eating we went to Chang An Street to go check out stuff for Halloween, I’m not going to be here but it was fun playing with all the stuff and helping the girls shop.  Then Melissa and I went to Hsimen to do a little clothing shopping, that is usually disastrous and boring for me but we only went for about 40 mins and I found 4 things I liked.. that was pleasant!

Then I went to yoga again and I just got home now… time for beddy bye..  Maybe I’ll do some laundry before bed… 🙂




2 responses

3 11 2007

So you were drunken dialing again… i’m almost glad i couldn’t hear you… lol.


3 11 2007

HEY HEY my drunken calls are magical…. and I was only tipsy but not sleepy ,, that and someone ‘told’ me to go to bed…

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