Hong kong and other stuff

17 10 2007

For my birthday Tracey, Melissa and my mom bought me a ticket to Hong Kong so we could go for the weekend.  Thanks guys!
I had a good time in Hong Kong, we stayed at Mike’s place.   The first night we were a smidge rowdy, good times!  We also made it out to Disney land. 

The thing about writing these things so long after the fact is all the details are either faded or seem kind eh so long afterwards.  The long and short of it all is I had a good time :)>

So yesterday I had such a busy day… I had to get my visa stuff sorted which involved going to immigration, hanging there for two hours only to find out I needed different documents… (of course)  So then I had to run around to get that stuff go back wait around some more.. then FLY to the National health insurance place to get my health care connected .. wait wait wait.. then drive as fast as I can to get the other side of the city to go to this lazer appointment more waiting :P.  FINALLY finish all this crap and it’s like 10 to 5… The DMV closes at 5.. no way I can get there in time to pay my traffic fines and renew my registration right? wrong… :D.. seriously I got some much accomplished yesterday, it was out of control. 😀

I was so wound up  after  that took me hours to chill out :D.

Ok that’s all I feel like writing right now.




2 responses

3 11 2007

What KIND of traffic fines, you fiend?


3 11 2007

Nah one speeding ticket which was just enmbarassing as it was the stationary camera next to my fucking house… and a couple of parking tickets.

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