drinking is my new freind

17 10 2007

So I am all cranky and stressed due to a bunch of things that have become unbalanced and messy in my tidy happy little existence… I odn’t like it so i’m having a drinking poo…. I’m not even just avoiding all the stupidity (my roommate may or may not be moving, my tenant may or may not be moving, can’t get that damn door fixed, arc, health care, scooter, computer, other computer, sub, work.. on and on..)  I have actually delt with most of it.. but still it just keeps ‘croppigng up’  ..


I have had enough… I’m have a drink and going to bed.. all the ‘crud’ can piss off… you heard me crud!

Oh and I know I haven’t mentioned it but I’m leaving for a couple of weeks, I am thinking I kinda need it now :D!  I’m not posting here where I’m going and why but you are welcome to email me and I’ll fill yeah in (nothing exciting :D).

.. hello bed…




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