Free things!

6 10 2007

Ok see the problem that happens is I leave blogging for a bit and then I feel like I need to catch up all the stuff that has happened.   That starts to feel like a daunting task so I avoid it… which makes the catch up factor worse and then next thing I know I’m MONTHS behind.

Ah well.. the promise of free things has got me a posting again (see Ray’s blog), lol I’m just kidding I was actually about to bite the bullet and start posting again… and now I’m bored out of my skull and am procrastinating cleaning my room.. so post it is!

Hmmm I think I might have to catch up in stages.  Well I’ll start with now and work my way back.

So this is the third offensive typhoon we have this year and when I say offensive I mean stupid typhoons that have no regard for my life and schedule and rudely fall on days that I have off work anyway so I don’t even get to enjoy a lovely day off work and my normal day off is trashed because I can’t do any of my day off things (like run, swim or go to yoga) BAH.  I mean really… this is the second one to fall on a Saturday and the other was on a damn Tuesday!  grumble.   Though I will say this one has been a bit exciting, we live in the lee of a couple of mountains so even by our house at it’s worst it’s really not so bad.. but we went down town earlier to go for brunch with Julie (our yoga instructor from last year, who just happens to be in town this week) and it was ok when we got there but as we were sitting at the Bagel it got amazing… Like parts of bus stops being ripped off and whipping down the street scooters getting trashed mashed and practically sliding down the street.   Wind and rain blowing up, down, north, south, east and west all at the same time… NUTS.  Wind and rain so bad the the visibility outside would go from normal rainy day (so a couple of blocks easily) to about 2 inches in front of you it was pure white.   Needless to say we took a taxi home and the whole way marveled at the disaster movie appearance of the street.. trees down huge branches bocking the roads.. it was totally a ‘trip’.   Half way expected to see a car flying through the air at the intersection in front of us..  GOOD TIMES.    Of course as soon as we got through the tunnel on our side it was all mellow (in comparison that is), but decided it was probably better for Trace to put her bike in the basement with mine just in case.

Ok so that’s the Typhoon.   hmm what else?

I got a raise, actually I got two one at each school, Ju ling bumped up my salary a bit which was a pleasant surprise since they usually won’t fork out for much I thought that was pretty cool, and I got the extra 30nt an hour that I has negotiated at my new school.  So I’m pretty please with that.  All of my classes are going pretty well, I’ve had a few confrontations and communication problems with the Chinese co-staff at both of my schools which is a bit of a surprise because I’m usually the foreign teacher who gets on famously with her Chinese co-workers (still do but any problems surprise me a little).  I think My grade two class is probably one of my favourite classes ever, they are all little pod children that burnt through the extra material i give them and beg for more, read books like they are candy, and hug, compliment and generally just love me to bits.  🙂 A couple of weeks ago one girl’s mom came up to me and Said “Teacher I really want to thank you”.  I was happy but confused, and says” You’re most welcome, but… for what?”  And she replied, “because Clare loves you so much”.. AWE…

That work…
mmmmm Ok that’s all I can remember for right now I will add more later…




4 responses

6 10 2007

Yay! You’re back posting!!

Congrats on the raises, sis.

Love you!

6 10 2007

Thanks… I’ll catch up about Hong Kong and some other stuff tomorrow I’m going to bed now so I can get up at 6 to go to this yoga class.

7 10 2007

I love when you write in ths thing because i feel closer to you.
Love Mommy

7 10 2007


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