Typhoon Funnies

19 08 2007

This week we had a cheeky little typhoon that had the pure indecency to come along on a Friday evening.  It was gratifying that when the manager came into my class and told us to go home and hour early my students moaned and complained not about class but about it ending early because they were really enjoying it and didn’t want to go just yet.  It’s especially nice because my boss has stressed the importance of getting this class to stay because some students have been making noises about leaving.  Yay me!

  Generally I just chilled out at home Friday night, and most of Sat, Tracey and I spent most of the day resisting the cleaning twitch as the cleaning lady is coming this Tuesday and it’s a bit silly to have her come if we have scrubbed the place on sat.  RESIST!   I rearranged some of my crap and have started to go through of some of it.  and I cleverly moved the kitty litter so he doesn’t track it across my door way and then I don’t track it all over the house.  Gripping day hu?  I also made this different version of crepes, with loads of sugar, vanilla and cinnamin, yummy yummy.

Last night after our day of boredom (well we did go on a typhoon outing to the video store but it was pretty uneventful), we met up with a bunch of friends and went to the new Comedy Club.  They had a show last night, it was pretty good and generally a good time was had all round.  I ended up going up on stage and being a ‘dummy’ for a ventrilloqist.  It was really fun.  We tried to go out to this bar that Melissa likes but they ended up being closed (because of the typhoon??).  Trace and the guys went to the Crock house to party, and Mel,  Erin and I went for a midnight snack. 

  Today was a moderately poductive day, I may have sorted out things with the people at the other apartment (actualyl we went over there for some people to meet up, it was fun kinda like a little inpromptu rez like gathering.) Went to costco, sorted out some of my money and called a good friend.  That was really nice I haven’t had a good talk with them for a long time.

I’ve had a nice day , and now it’s time for bed.




3 responses

20 08 2007

So the typhoon wasn’t too serious? I have been out of the news loop for a week, so I haven’t seen what happened.


23 08 2007

Nah typhoons are dull as dish water the only fun in them is the Day off work… but it fell on a god damn sat this time… stupid weather

30 08 2007

You can’t bitch at us for not reading it and then not write for weeks at a time!!


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