Magic notebook…

16 08 2007

So I have a friend who has always gone on about the niceness of notebooks, and while I like the idea of having one handy to scribble things in.  I have always found how dedicated he is to be amusing and silly.  Well I think I kinda understand now!..

I swear this here note book is kinda magic.. I write stuff in it .. and it happens!!! Ok it might be related to the fact that I probably get the same stuff done but once I’m done I forget about them and this way I have documentation.  That and I flip through it from time to time and remember things I want to do and remember to do stuff to finish it.

But still I was amused to look through it the other day and realize that I had finished or gotten a bunch of things that I either hadn’t realized that I had finished yet.  🙂 and some things I didn’t even realize were that easily completed!

I am tempted to put silly things  I want in there and see if the magic works.. chuckle




2 responses

18 08 2007

you should write in your magic book that you are better and not sick anymore that should work

19 08 2007

I just might!

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