Sunday SUNDAY sunday….

5 08 2007

I got all the stuff moved around yesterday, and I stayed up way too late playing with my new things.  Got a new(er) washing machine couch and mattress.  So I took the couch apart and washed it (ikea the covers come off and I’m NEVER doing that again) but it really needed to be done because STanky D used to sleep on it (YUCK) with no sheets and so did the last guy who was sleeping in there.   Just gonna vacuum it from now on.  And I got my new mattress all ‘installed’, DAMn it’s so big.. it’s almost twice as thick as my old mattress.  I’m really excited about it, I’ve wanted a nicer better bed for a long time.    I also spent a couple of hours moving the furniture around mostly for the fun of it… HA that was my exciting sat night.

 Today I went for lunch with Rachel and Paul at a great little wonton place near the park and then we went to the park afterwards.  Then I went to the pool, even though I’m still feeling sick, because I really need to practice.  I only swam 600m today but my breathing was a bit better today.  Bored yet? :S

When I got home from the pool Trace was back from Canada, so we got to catch up a little, I got the stuff she got for me .. yeah! Me loves prezzies.  Went for food and hung out for a bit. Thats about it. 🙂




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