4 08 2007

I’m sure I have been up to some things recently…   oh ok well I have been subbing a my school for my friend Richelle, and we went to the Police station yesterday.  AND I got to play with GUNS  BIG ONES!  I have some pictures .. that I will try to get on here if i can ever get my POS computer working properly.  Hmm.. Not too much else, I have been pretty sick the past few days.  Nothing serious but enough to turn me into a huge whiny baby… I know how fun does that sound???

  Oh and I sold my bike to the Auzzie chick, For a little less than I wanted to but really I’m just tired of dealing with it and thinking about it.  I’d rather just be done with the whole thing.    Oh and One of the guys who rents from me was kinda upset because he got stuck with some bills, so I decided to help him out a little with that, in a way that made him happy and didn’t take too much from me.

So today is the moving day, Ilove how I’m not moving I’m just moving a few little things around and somehow that has still got me worked into a little frenzy.  I bought all the stuff over at the other house and I’m of the opinion that I own it so I should get the usage of the new stuff.    Now I’m just hanging around waiting for my mover guy to call and get things underway.. I think I’ll go through some stuff and throw things out while I wait :).




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