1 08 2007

just can’t get over how dumb some people are….

This guy sends me an email because he is interested in my scooter that I put a ad online for.   Apparently he called the number attached to the ad (my house number that no one answers but there is an answering machine) and I specifically said in the ad if you call to leave a message.  So does he leave a message?  No of course not, he sends me an email bitching at me because I didn’t answer the phone.  For Christ sakes, in Taiwan you can tell by the number if it is cell or a house number and even if it was my cell I DON:T answer numbers I don’t know.  Thats what message centers were Fucking invented for!!!  Anyway so he sends me an email asking all these questions about the scooter… 90% of which where in the god damn ad, LEARN to read you tard.  Ok I’m a little sick and moderately cranky …




2 responses

2 08 2007

Current mood: Cranky

Ya think?

= )

4 08 2007

Shaddup smarty pants >.<

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