29 07 2007

So on Sat I went for brunch with Rachel, that was really nice.  We got a chance to chat and hang out it’s been quite a while, so it was nice.  Plus it’s kind of nice that Rachel has known me a little longer, I don’t really know why thats nice but it’s just nice sometimes.  I have recently discovered I have a number of “long time” friends, not all are attached at the hip like Trace and I but still I have known Cody (17)for just one year less than Trace (18years), I have known Nadine for about 5-6 more (Nadine wins on oldest … 23-24 years?).. Erica/Shola (20ish), Jordy (14-15ish), Becky (you know I’m not sure… something in nearing 20 years though, bec might know) and Ray (8-9) is a relative newbie.  Of course there are many more but I have a headache and am not listing all of my friends since the beginning of time :P..

  Wow that was quite the little tangent…..

Anyway, that Teema kid dragged me out to the Shannon Sat night and it was ok I met this very fun and amusing Irish girl named Louse.  Had a fun chat with her, Tee had a little cry on me, because when she sees me she thinks of Jenn and then she misses Jenn more. 😀 yeah I”m associated with Jenn :D.. stupid poo face Jenn should come back. (You Heard me!!! I called you a poo face!!! a stoopid one!!!)
Oh also there was this twit who shocks me with how rude he is all the time… JOY he always wants to talk to me… I can’t begin to tell you how fun that is.. no really… the fun just never stops… [bang head against wall.. trying to make the fun stop].  Yeah soon after I went home and watched the rest of my movie.

   This morning I went to yoga… totally slept in and had to run 4 red lights to get there in time .. oops… and then I was just a lazy cow in class anyway.. I’m so SO SO sick of taking HOT classes I yearn for something different… but my hand isn’t strong enough yet.. bleh.
After Yoga Melissa and I grabbed a sandwich and then she went up to Fulong to see Charity.  I didn’t want to go home and lay about because I knew the guilt would get to me and I would end up going to the pool or going for a run.. both I wanted to do about as much as I wanted and elephant to poo on my arm. SO instead I went for Ice cream.. mmm yummy read my book wandered around aimlessly for a while and then went to Page one to look at books.  

Now I”m particularly proud of this, I found this book    That interested me in the sale books.[Tantric sex]. started to have a look and thought… hey if that old man can just park it and read a book then so can I.. ha! So thats what I did, plunked down and read the whole damn book.. got what I wanted from it and put it back HA!!! take that! (yes it was a short book 100+pages).
Heightening Sexual Pleasure

Then I came home and cleaned the whole durned house… so pretty… of course my headache is making me cranky so now all I wanna do is go to bed… oh well .. bed time it is 😛




6 responses

30 07 2007

OM goodness guess what i found
Episode 2 thats right the tiny chicken machine show does it again


30 07 2007

Thats what I posted… silly monkey! in the other post

31 07 2007

Enough with the stupid chicken-monster-whatever-its-called-its retarded stuff!!

How long till they figure your hand will be healed, Mag?


31 07 2007

ok so i am stupid i didnt see that my first post went through. geez i think i need a day off, working everyday seems to be catching up with me
my bad

31 07 2007

Never.. at this rate .. no one tells me anything .. but it’s at that finiky little stage where it’s kinda ok.. but is weak and super easily hurt (aka driving yesterday and hit a bump and ow.. ) Sigh

31 07 2007

Working lots? doing what?

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