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27 07 2007

So On Thursday I got home to find a totally random request waiting for me.  My friend wanted me to go out and find out the names and contact information ( If possible) for sex toy manufactures.  Yeah .. um what? Ok well I’m always up for an adventure :D, and a little shopping.  I think I did rather well especially in such a short time and the little direction I received. 🙂

   I have been swimming a few times this week and I HATE IT.  Although I have figured out why I don’t like it… party because I’m not any good and I don’t like that, not one  little bit.  But also it’s the breathing, I can’t get the breaking down and I always feel like I’m gonna die… me no likey.  I’ve also concluded that the little dolphin children in the lane next to me don’t help either :P.

   I’ve been trying to go to yoga a Fair amount too. I’m so very tired of going to HOT, but I can’t go to any other classes… sigh.. I wish all my brokeness would just freaking heal already so I can go to other classes, and build up more strength.

I went on a little DVD binge and have watched Dejavu (good), Miss Potter(cute/nice), Notes on a scandal (good but EEEWWW he’s 15!), and The pursuit of Happyness (excellent).

On Friday I went out to this Canadian society social but I didn’t really see anyone interesting except this one guy I know via the dragon boaters.  There were some interesting stories of grave digging and the exciting adventures that went with it including the mysterious 94 year old lady who’s little paper said she weight about a hundred pounds but her coffin was a good 250… SUSPICIOUS!!!.




2 responses

31 07 2007

i cant do the breathing either

and now my arm is screwed. might not be doing the tri.


31 07 2007

what did you do? silly poop face!

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