Beads beads beads and a funny video

25 07 2007

So At work today we had a meeting with all the teachers from a level.  Jason and I realized that we are the only Jung Ban (K2) teachers and since we usually agree on most thing and usually get our way anyway that we are going to have a great time this coming year!  Plus we both get to have class pets!  I spent a bit of my day rummaging in the basements (while the kids had breakfast) for things I want next semester, I’ve found a fish tank (yay!) and a desk..  GRIN.

Then I toddled on up to the hospital to pick up my health check, zipped home and checked out the craft shop for beads and string for my class, then zipped to another store (oh shengli shopping mall I love thee) More beads more string, and then I met up with Bonnie at the California Grill for lunch.  Had a nice little chat with Bonnie, went to the frozen yogurt place for (another) frozen yogurt smoothie and then we wandered about for a min and found a really cute coffee shop and great bakery.  After lunch I went to yet another craft like store and looked at more beads, and then I went to a pet store to check out prices for critters for my class next semester.  I think I’m going to get a freaky little white frog and a couple of gold fish, I wanted a turtle too but apparently the turtle will eat my fish.  (I think I’m going to go to the beach to get some sand and driftwood for the tank)  Then I zipped home and stopped at the helmet shop to get my new helmet, yeah new helmet, PIMP!  I’ll post a picture sometime.

Now I’m trying to go to yoga but I don’t know that it’s going to work out because the class is full and it doesn’t look like anyone is cancelling, I guess I’ll go swimming or running instead.  I’m supposed to go out tonight to hang out with Richelle and Melissa but I doubt I’ll stay long, unless I can convince the ‘girls’ Cody and Rob to come out.

and now a fun little video for your entertainment 




6 responses

26 07 2007

I LOVE that video. He is awesome

28 07 2007

First off, what’s with all the beads?

Frog = cool!

LOVE that video!


29 07 2007

I know the song came on while Iwas out and I almost started doing it 😀

29 07 2007

I was making bracelets at school (aka playing) .. hence the beads.

Yeah I know how cool is my class pet thing I’m totally excited. Especially because I don’t have to do anything with the stupid things .. Kids jobs!

Heh yeah cracks me up everytime

29 07 2007

Oh man that made my day magda thank you!!

29 07 2007

Ha i knew you would like it.. not as good as “lick poop stand on head” but whatcha gonna do

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