Oops… narcaleptic again

24 07 2007

So I stayed up too late playing on the computer again last night and then pissed about on the computer too long this morning, then my breakfast shop forgot to make my breakfast.  Sigh. no big deal, and then I couldn’t even pretend I wasn’t late for work because the Chinese teachers were having a meeting dang no sneaking in for me.  Oh well.

Nothing to pressing happened at work, after work I had a bunch of things today I even had a little schedule worked out in my head, go home for lunch, take apart a couple of Ipods and try to fix one of them (I couldn’t fix it, but I gave it a real good effort), relax for a while, then go to the hospital and pick up my health check, go try on new helmets, go swimming and possibly a yoga class too.  Got to the Ipods and then during my chill out time I totally fell out… slept till 5 .. oops there goes my day.  Now admittedly I still could have done some things but I wasn’t feeling it after my really long impromptu nap.. so instead I’m updating my blog and playing on the Internet.. hmm maybe I’ll do some laundry.

So far that’s all… 😀




4 responses

24 07 2007

Hmmm. Explain “the breakfast shop forgot to make me breakfast”. I don’t get it. Do you have a standing order? Is that a unique situation, or does everyone do that?


24 07 2007

Nah I called them and placed my order (like I do almost every day bacon and egg sandwich .. yum) but they forgot to make it this morning even though I called … poo faces

25 07 2007

is your ipod broken because you pissed on it like you pissed on your computer?

25 07 2007

Oh shut up… poo face!!! Pissed about on….. I’ll go fix it 😀
My Ipod is fine just been stolen twice so Cody gave me his

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