The weekend et al.

23 07 2007

So I am trying to sell my scooter and have given out my house number because there is an answering machine, but no one ever answers the house phone.  Wait correction only Tracey answers it and event hen usually not.  So this retarded guy send me an email about how he tried to call me about my scooter but he only got a machine.  Go on guess what message he left on the machine, NONE fucking idiot.

  Much to my amusement last week there was another silly event with the phone, someone left me this wildly uninformative message “Hello this message is for Magda, that is all” .  Now at the time I assumed (because no one else calls the house) that this was someone calling about the scooter and I concluded that it was the stupidest answering machine message of all time, no name no contact info no what this is regarding nothing.  But I have since found out it was one of my friends and I just didn’t recognize his voice (Actually I thought it sounded a bit like Marcus but he doesn’t have that number which is even more amazing I didn’t think of who it might be).  I’m going to blame it on him though .. clearly I don’t talk to him enough and have just forgotten his voice… :P.

So on Saturday I went to the pool party, I got there early to soak up some rays and of course no one was there.  Around 3:00, right when the sun goes behind the building, most of my friends showed up.  All in all I had a good time and managed to not have a single drink until 8:00 (and then only because Cathi put one in my hand).  That night I was meant to go out to Room 18 with Teema and Cathi but it didn’t end up working out.  Totally case of all dressed up and no where to go!  But i decided to go out and meet up with the girls at The Shannon for a little while, had a great time being bitchy and catty (what? I usually resist).  I have to say I love a good gossip :D.

  The last amusing bit Sat was when I went to leave and this dude (old and terribly unattractive, but nice enough) asked me if I would walk out with him arm in arm.  I swear he actually said this, ” I just want my friends to see me leaving with you!”, Frankly it was immensely flattering and rather cute and sweet, ok he was hammered and possibly a smidge crazy (he was waving to imaginary cameras like we were walking the red carpet).  But it was a very amusing (harmless) and pleasant end to my evening.  🙂 Pretty girl.

(ok side note I am so excited that I have only made a couple of typing errors thus far Gold Star for me!)

Sunday I went to lunch with Jenny at this Yummy new burger place, I have a really nice afternoon hanging out with her.  Plus Jenny gave me this really pretty bodice, I’m totally stoked I have always wanted one but have found them to be frightfully expensive and I worry I would hate it once I had bought it.  Then I grabbed Some tofu burgers for Cody and Rob because they were suffering from icky hangovers, and I also had to pick up my goggles from Cody.  I hung out with the boys for a bit and then headed home.

                                                                                  //” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I am off work in the afternoon all this week (summer Vacation at my new school) so I have lots of free time.  I was pretty knackered this morning  because I was up late talking to a friend, I got an unexpected but very pleasant phone call :)>.   After school Cody and I went to Youth Park to go swimming. I’m well pleased, I got a pack of student tickets so it works out to 30nt a visit, it’s usually 60nt at this pool and 110+nt at other pools.  I also must say while I am not a swimmer and know nothing about goggles, my little experience (plus Cody’s comments) have convinced me that these SABLE goggles are the best!  If anyone is taking up swimming I recommend getting a pair.  I swam 400m, yeah hard (not all in one go or anything) Mr fishy went more than moi.  WE went for food after and a frozen yogurt, we went to the computer market I got a new hard drive and dropped Cody off at home. 

Now I’m at home playing with computers.. I hate computers, ok I don’t but they piss me off when I can’t figure out whats wrong. I can’t figure out how to install windows in the stupid thing, I’ve tried all the obvious things.. but it just keeps saying “press a key to reboot” or something about discs and rebooting… bah I’m going to leave it for a bit and play with it again later.




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