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19 07 2007

So Tracey had hopped on a plane to go home for a few weeks, Family stuff.  Apparently I am on assignment to go to all the parties and keep Tracey posted on the gossip here as it unfolds.. sigh… this might interfere with my  napping regime.

So we went out last night to Carnegie’s ( still hate it there), and in spite of my opinion of that bar and 90% of the clientele I had fun hanging out with my friends.   Tracey dropped her phone, and smashed it into a bunch of little bitty piece’s.  And i because I rock.. (BOOYYAH) actually managed to fix it.  Now for those of you who have dropped a phone, this may not seem so impressive, but I would like to point out that it is a slide phone and she managed to rip it in half ,top half and bottom half completely detached.  Ok that’s enough self congratulation, it was not that impressive, just had to hook up the little connector and click things back in place.  But it looked really impressive 😀

While we were at the bar Melissa decided she was hungry so we all toddled off to the poutine hut around the corner.  That’s right Poutine hut.. ok .. it’s actually called the Poutine house .. but hut is funner (It’s a word I say! So shut up).  So he was already closed but we harassed dude and he reopened to make us some food, nice man.  Then we spent the whole time eating our poutine giving him suggestions, such as staying open for the bar crowd or even reopening to indulge to drinkers (there are quite a few pubs and bars near his place).  In an effort to help him (he just opened) we took a bunch of business cards and ‘buy ten get one free’ poutine cards back to the bar with us.” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
So that was all kinds of fun, until Gaby and I were walking around the bar chatting with people about poutine and I said to this random guy “Hi there do you like poutine?”  To which he replied “Pussy? Do I like Pussy?”  There was a notable gleam in his eye, I could just hear his mental process, “wow I heard girls in Taipei are easy but this is AWESOME!!!”  EW.  As I was in no way trolling for dick this threw me off a little.. I tried my best to salvage the situation but dude was so freaky slimy that no matter what i said he leered and was convinced gravy and cheese on fries had something to do with sex.  Maybe in your freaky little world, but not mine dude……   Anyway after the Poutine/Pussy disaster I wasn’t feeling very catty with randoms so I hung out with my Gays and mocked the tragic people in the bar.  Primarily the 45 something woman dancing on the bar desperately trying to get our friend Roland to look up her skirt.  HA! Fun.

Today I have been the laziest animal ever, I was super tired because I didn’t get home until late, so at lunch I had a little nap and then after work this afternoon I had another nap.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ   and of course now I’m thinking about hitting the hay again 😉




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