Run run run….

17 07 2007

So I’m a little sore from the running, I have been running a bit and went swimming and to yoga… wonder how long until I just tucker right out?

I hate it when I’m trying to buy or sell anything, so annoying.  I’m trying to sell my scooter, luckily I’m in no rush, and the only real response I have gotten is some silly dude who keeps going on about how he will pay cash up front.  This by the way is (as he sees it) his primary bargaining chip.  Um…. DUDE how else would you fucking pay???  Do I look like a bank.. there is no layaway, payment plan and I sure as hell don’t take VISA.  Some people are just crazy, on the other end of the scale I’ve been trying to contact this dude about his bed and he is NEVER home, then he text’s me at 9 -10 pm saying I’m home now…. yeah me too.   People are ridiculous!

   Oh I’m all excited though, As everyone knows my Ipod (the second one this year) got stolen with all my other stuff in my bag… poo.  I Just can’t justify buying another one not just yet anyway, but I was going bonkers (and getting lazy, can’t run in silence) with out some music devices.  Well it turned out my friend Jason had a little 512 mp3 player he doesn’t use so he just ave it to me, works just fine for running, but of course miss prissy pants (that’s ME!) keeps thinking but it’s so small.. sniffle…   no music fits on it pout pout. 

    And then Cody (yay Cody yay) offered me his old Ipod, it’s 40gigs, and a couple of years old but whatever.  Anyway He wasn’t even sure if it still worked but it does and I’m totally stoked (now if only I could get my computer to work properly the universe would be a beautiful place again).  The only problem with it  (hence he bought a new one and doesn’t use this one anymore) is the battery has crapped out, no problem I’ll just take it to the apple store and replace the batter that can’t be too expensive right?  WRONG $80 cad??? And that’s a freaking bargain apparently when Cody asked about it, it cost $250 usd.  Assholes.  Ha I showed them, turns out there is a store in the city that sells the batteries and little tools to change it yourself.  YEAH….$8 later.. I now have a fully functional 40 gig Ipod.  Plus I got to be a big ole techie geek!!! Prying apart expensive electronics and fiddling with the bits is so much fun!




One response

12 09 2007

For the moment I don’t mind you using my image but please ask first in future. Also please download it and re-upload it from flikr or another photo hosting site.

It’s one thing to take my copyright image but it adds insult to injury to leech my bandwidth too.


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