Peeling skin?? WTF

15 07 2007

Clearly I haven’t been feeling the blogging …not sure why??

So on Sunday at the water park Melissa and I forgot to wear sun screen.. oops.. burnt a little (Melissa burnt a lot). No biggie but later in the week my shoulders peeled   REVOLTING.  I don’t know that I have ever had that happen before gross gross gross.

Anyway last Wednesday we went to Capones for dinner, honestly it was fairly uneventful, Melissa had a bad day and we tried to make her feel better hung out and chatted… nothing exciting to report there, we didn’t participate in the swing dancing… it wasn’t as appealing as it sounded. Darn.

On Thursday we had another little dinner at our house, I like these things they are really fun.  Just had a couple of friends over, this time we had mix and match salads, everyone brought something to put in salads and then we all tossed it together and made our own salads.  Not only was it inexpensive, it was SUPER yummy.  Plus I learned how to make ‘ground beef’ tofu!
   Oh also I have been having a hella bad time with my computer.. grrr super frustrating.  I really need to reinstall windows.. Well Rob was helping me have a look at it and we may have discovered what messed my computer up in the first place.  Apparently Nokia PC suite is evil and fucks with your computer… . which sucks because it’s a program I actually use and fairly often.  So I’m currently looking for an alternate program that allows me to access and trade information with my phone VIA blue tooth.  The only one I have found so far only works with linux, I guess I could install linux too ..   any computer geek suggestions?

Oh oh I almost forgot on Monday we went to see Transformers!!!! AWESOME.  I loved it…   Soundwave wasn’t there though.. poo..

Hmmm We went to the water park yesterday where I won on the speed slide competition, silly prize.  Two free tickets to the water park but for today (Sunday) only…. bah I’m busy today besides I have a seasons pass to the water park I can go when ever I want for free.  But it killed me to win them and have them go to waste so I called some people and gave them away.. yeah I’m happy now.

I fell asleep all nice and early last night and was up at 6, decided to nap some more.   I’ll be going out to learn how to swim with MR Cody soon and meeting some friends for brunch at grandma knitties soon after that 🙂




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19 07 2007

Doug and I went to Transformers, too. Phenominal!! I want to see it again. There was sooo much to see, and I only have two little eyeballs to see it with!

19 07 2007

Yeah although I was disappointed that sound wave wasn’t in this movie, but apparently he supposed to be in the second one. It was super corn ball but I loved it, apparently the reason they changed Bumblebee from a beetle to a Camaro was because Volkswagen wouldn’t let them use the beetle.. prudes.

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