Here fishy…

15 07 2007

So I met up with Cody and Rob to get some swimming done, wasn’t as horrifying as I expected but still hardish.  I did learn some new stuff, but I really need to practice A LOT.. I can barely go 25 meters before getting tuckered… 2km will likely kill me.

Now I need to go get some goggles, a swim cap (yeah head condoms) and find a cheap pool to go swimming at, why are all athletics so expensive???  They sound be subsidised by health care or something!!!  I mean if everyone where fit then they would have less health problem… preventative medicine!

   Brunch got canceled, well it got moved earlier but I couldn’t make it so I went and look at computer bits and then went to lunch with my friend Wally.

Went for a run later … run was good but pretty tired now. 🙂



2 responses

19 07 2007

>>Picturing you with head condom<<


Phew! That was fun…

19 07 2007

So these comments are about a million time more fun for me when I know who left it!!! 😀

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