Biting the blogging bullet

10 07 2007

Ok… well not that anyone even checks this anymore but I have to start somewhere….
I think the problem was, my being bound and determined to catch up all that I had missed.. I give up because that is just too daunting and it’s keeping me from posting.

Anyway I’ve been up to many things… but recently I have been suffering from something remarkably like narcolepsy.  Have fallen asleep at 9 pm a couple of times, but I seem to have recovered now :D.

  Anyway Friday I made it no where because I crashed out at 9.. oops.. on Sat I didn’t feel like going to the pool party so I made some Entuble and went over to Cody’s house, we had a little garlic festival… seriously it was ridiculous.   I was supposed to be meeting everyone at room 18 but I was at Cody’s kinda late so I tried to bail, so I went to the 711 to meet everyone for a drink outside.  Next thing I knew I was getting dragged inside.. I was convinced that they wouldn’t let me in since I was wearing a crappy tank top and this cotton skirt thing so not club wear.  Stupid club.. let any girls in… 😛

I went in and had a pretty good time dancing and stuff, left around 3 and gave Richelle a ride home.  I got up in the morning, picked Melissa up and drove out to the water park, Ron met us on the way and we ran into Roland and Rene up there.  Had loads of fun, Melissa and I decide to come back into the city and went for Thai food before going home and crashing out.

Not too much else happen recently… lots of plans for the coming week though.  I’ll try to keep up on the posting from now on.. heck I might even catch up on the past few months too 🙂




2 responses

10 07 2007

I, for one, am glad you are back posting. I like catching up on your life. Being married with children, it’s very exciting to me… LOL!!


15 07 2007

chuckle…. My life isn’t interesting 🙂 but hey I’m glad someone is still reading 😉 I’ll get back into posting.. I just wish there was more response thats what makes me write

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