6 05 2007

Yes that’s right .. The first official Canadian Beaver Club.

  Hem, I am please to announce the start of a brand new club.  Anyone who is Canadian, in possession of or appreciates the Canadian Beaver, or just all round has an excellent sense of humour is welcome to join our ranks. Just send me an email at  Stodgy boring poo faces with no sense  of humour need not apply.. (yeah that’s right cake I’m talking to the likes of you…!!)

  OK so how it all started, we were in Net shopping for shirts and I noticed that in the back of a couple the shirts it said “Canadian Beaver Collection”.  I cracked up, I mean how great is that these random shirts in Taiwan are from the “Canadian Beaver Collection”!  So I said to Melissa and Tracey, ” we should make a Club , The Canadian Beaver Club. ”  From there the idea was born, making shirts going out being all around silly.  Well now we have recruited a few members.  So far : Me, Tracey , Melissa, Richelle, Robyn, Shannon, Jill, Natalia, Christy, Raygan, Becky, Teema, and Demetra.   Plus some honorary boy members.. but I suspect their motives are in wanting to be informed of when the Beavers are out on the prowl.

    So far no events have been set in stone, but we have a tentative meeting planned sometime in the coming month.  It will begin with a dinner and stuff swap (clothes, books, shoes, Cd’s  etc) at  our house, followed by some light (or heavy up to the beaver) drinking and possibly shirt and underpants making.  We plan to make shirts and underpants that say something about the CBC.  Then wear skits and possibly show of out new Club logo’s.  Any suggestions of what should be on the shirts and knickers are more than welcome.  So far our only slogan is GO BEAVERS.  This club’s only purpose is to be fun and have a good time.  It’s already fun and we’ve hardly begun… 😀

   I smell trouble!!  oh.. time to hop in the shower and get ready for dinner… and to plan more for the CBC…. check my face book or here for more updates on the CBC.





One response

18 05 2007

that is so funny – keep me posted on the club’s progress. (i would ask to sign up, but i have to say flashing my knickers isn’t exactly on my radar – before i had a kid and sprouted a love handle, maybe, but by all means let me know how it goes!)

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