Left Brazil, and it freaking followed me home!!!

23 04 2007

So this Sat I went out with Tracey to this Dragon boating social, which was excellent amounts of fun, got to meet some more fun new people.  Yeah new people.  Anyway after that I met up with my friend Vondell and Jeff to go to room 18 for Oliver’s Birthday party.  Room 18 was, well the same as it always is.  With a twist???  (side note I ran into Stanely there.. totally random and amusing but then he ran off .. whatever…I’m not busted up I haven’t heard anything from him in like 8 months).

  Anyway was dancing having fun whatever, and all these dudes kept coming to talk to me and dance with me and stuff..  Good times..  One of the guys from the Dragon boating thing walks by and totally fondles my ass… um hi nice to meet you.. yes those are my cheeks.. lol.  Then my friend Angel’s boyfriend, comes up and asks me if this American Chinese dude is bothering me and if I need ‘help’.  I said, no it’s all good we’re just dancing.  He raises an eyebrow and is like dude how can that not piss you off he is practically fondling you.  To which I said,  I just spent 5 months in Brazil, this is nothing… as long as no one has any hands in my skirt or top I’m all good.. And besides this is Taiwan no one would ever do that kind of thing here…  so I thought

  Clearly I had spoken too soon, 20 mins later I was dancing it up, and some dude came over and was all over me like white on rice.  It was all good until he tried to stick his tongue in my ear and mouth (ew) I deterred him, and next thing I know his fucking hand is sliding up my leg..  so I slapped his hand away and told him not to do that.. (this is feeling rather reminiscent of the funky club.. hmm) so he gets all low wraps his arms around my legs and just crams his hands up my damn skirt >>> HELLO NO ONE LIKES A DANCE FLOOR RAPIST!!!!!!  So I cracked him in the head and walked off (definitely reminiscent of Rio…..)

   Well as it was like 4 am and I had to work in the morning at 9, I decided it was definitely time to go home, had to say goodnight to the 3 dudes who had been following me around all night, and then some other dude who I never even met chases me out of the club and grabs me to ask for my number?? WTF?  I conveniently forgot it and just gave him my email address instead…

The whole way home I wondered how exactly Brazil had somehow managed to follow me home to Taiwan…




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