Salsa fun and Reconnecting

15 04 2007

So went out for dinner tonight with Tracey, Cody and Rob, and after wards we met up with some other people and went salsa dancing.  I had so much fun! YEAH… must go out dancing like that more often!

Also, reconnected with Cody who has always been a good friend but we had a falling out a few years ago, via a third party.  I was hurt from things said he was hurt from things said and not and as we are both sulkers we have sulked this whole time.  He has actually tried to reconnect a couple of times but still hurt by old things I spurned those efforts.  Well I decided that was enough of that and we chatted tonight discussed what happened and now all is good. HAPPY.  It is nice to know we can just pick up and things are good.

Ok well it’s late and I’m tired and my footies are sore so beddie bye time…




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