15 04 2007

Ah my new addiction, where friends are like action figures or collectible cards!!I MUST HAVE MORE… currently at 49 ad counting.  that’s from 5days.  Goodness. It’s entertaining especially because I have connected with all kinds of people from travelling and people from way back when in school.  Plus it’s just kinda fun to piddle around on there.
   On a side note I find it endlessly entertaining what naughty boys all Brazilians are, they just can’t help it.. so amusing. Well I guess i find it more amusing now that I’m not surrounded by it 24/7 but what ever :P.
  Bitches post is coming but I have yet to sit down and compose it…. It a commentary on women.  It’s in my head half written just hasn’t made it to ‘paper’ yet.




2 responses

16 04 2007

Wow you have a lot of friends. I’m jealous so I’ll have to find a way to de-friend you.


17 04 2007

oh don’t do that!!! besides, I have like 55 now .. 😛 you’ll just hurt yourself not me hunny bunny 😀

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