Should I feel bad?

14 04 2007

I have been subbing at my friend’s school since I got back from Brazil, yeah putting off finding a new job!  Oh bummer just finished and have to go looking, so I had an interview and things went well but they have to see one more person before they make their decision.  That’s fine, but there really isn’t anything available right now that is ringing my bell other than this job, so I was thinking fuck what am I going to do if they don’t pick me?  I mean I need to get working and making money as soon as I can because I really want to pay off loans and stuff.

  So anyway the school I have been subbing at has been talking about how much they like me all week, which is funny bc I have been talking about how the school is ass and I would never work there long term (maybe a semester or something but not more).  And someone made some joke about how they wanted me to work there, nd when I said well I might have a friend who needs a job next semester and they said how they only wanted me.  Ok Funny ha ha.. then today the manager comes to me and asked me to work there until the end of the semester and if I’m interested indefinitely(I’m not).  This brings confusion as there are no jobs available.. hmm uh oh.. I said I would think about it but I can probably sub for a week or two or more depending on this job I am waiting to find out about.

  Minutes later one of the other teachers comes up and asked me what they were asking me about, then he tells me that he thinks they are hiring me to fire him..  so I do some recon and confirm that is what they are doing.  :(.  I feel really bad for him he works there full time like all morning and afternoon.  it is Sat (weird holiday off so we have to work on sat thing they do here now), and they haven’t told him yet that they are firing him THIS MONDAY…. He said it’s OK, and that if I need the money to just take the subbing hours because they are going to screw him if I do it or not.  But I still feel kinda guilty about the whole thing.  I did tell him to remind them as he has a work permit there they have to legally give him 2 weeks notice or severance pay.

That is the Taipei Drama report for today…

Damn it I was looking forward to being lazy for two weeks.. poo




2 responses

14 04 2007

I can see why you would feel bad about your friend losing his job, that totally sucks for him. But you shouldn’t feel guilty, it’s not your fault it’s happening, and it sounds like he supports you taking the job, so don’t worry about it.

14 04 2007

On another note, what about your “bitches” post?!? Was that it? Or is there more drama to come?

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