Memory Lane

12 04 2007

So I have decided to discontinue paying for hotmail, because well it’s a waste of money, fuck em. 😀
Now I know when they finally get around to figuring this out they will delete a bunch of my stuff … boo hiss, so I decided to take a little trip down memory lane and look at old emails.  You know just checking to see if there is anything entertaining that I might want to forward on to gmail for future entertainment. 

Unfortunately I went through a little deleting phase and tossed some, what I am sure were, jems.  So I dont have much that dates further back than 2001, but I do have the two first emails I got from tracey, way back in 1997! NICE.

  I passed them on to her adn now we have spent most of the evening giggling our way through all of these old ass emails… I wish I had more!

back to the fun 😀

Some new pictures too.. will be adding more over the next few days




One response

13 04 2007

I want those shoes!!! Gimme! Gimme the shoes!

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