Looking for new work :)

10 04 2007

So I have been subbing at my friend Bonnie’s school in the afternoons.  I will admit I am not loving it, the kindergarten part is fun but the after school program material kinda sucks.  The class is big, and yeah it’s fine but I’m not loving it that’s all.  I’m sure I could make it my own and like it more if it was my job but I’m just subbing, so it doesn’t seem worth the effort it would take to whip these students into the shape I would expect from them.

   Anyway I saw and add online for a job that seem to have the right hours and a decent location, I had a good feeling about it so I emailed them right away and called on Monday to set up an interview.  I went to the interview today and I think things went well, although I have to say it was amusing to me because it ended up being more me interviewing him about the school and whether or not I wanted to work for him.  So far it all looks good, I have a demo on Friday and as long as they are satisfied with that the job is mine if I want it.  The management seems pretty good so far and open lines of communication.  So here’s hoping it’s all lovely.  The other nice thing is if I get this job I will be working mornings mon-fri from 8-11 off till 2 and then 4days 2-4 and three of those days 430-630 so 29hrs a week (approximately, $2500 or more CAD a month), not as much as I was making last year (3500 or so a month), but I was also working a hell of a lot more.  Was always sick tired and had horrible long days (worked from 8am to 7pm every day (with some breaks but still too much).  And if I am so inclined I can always pick up some private classes in the evening to make some extra cash.

I plan to fix my bank account situation as soon as possible with out killing myself to do it :D.
Ok that’s all for today ;).




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11 04 2007

Hope that job works out for you. You’ll have less money, but so much more time to slow down and relax, which is so important. Let me know how it goes.

11 04 2007

Will do I’m pretty sure it’s mine if I want it. I’m hemming and hawing about picking up some privates or something to get some extra cash…. I really want to get my money sorted out….

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