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10 04 2007

So Tracey came to Taiwan and we went apartment hunting for a few days, which turned out to be unnecessary.  Because a couple of days after Tracey got here, my roommate Gina’s friend’s roommate ended up bailing.  And while Gina didn’t want to move because she liked our house she did want to be with her friend and didn’t want to leave her in a bind.  And since Tracey had just got here and was looking for a place to live, it seemed like strangely good timing.  Anyway at the end of the day it ended up with Gina moving out and Tracey moving into her old room.  But we did get to meet some cool people while apartment hunting, and made a new friend named Vondell.  She’s really cool. unfortunately due to sickness and stress stuff I haven’t had a chance to hang out with her yet, but maybe this weekend.

  Soon following this, there was the exciting day of phones.  Tracey wanted to get a phone on a contract because it makes your calls and stuff much cheaper and you get a better phone for less coin :D.  Anyway I can get a contract at my phone company (been there for a while so I have good credit with them, usually you need a co signer), but as I also need to buy a new phone and I would be buying mine on a contract as well I really didn’t want them to tell me after I got hers oh no no phone for you :D.  So I went to My phone company and got my phone for even less than I expected (YEAH extra discount because I spend too much money on my phone bill).  Later the same day as I had the whole afternoon off I went to the other phone company to get A phone for Tracey (can switch it into her name as soon as she gets her ARC all sorted out) .  It was kinda weird for me to have two brand new phones to play with for a min :D.  But then Tracey came home so I only had one 😛

The cake story, which has a funny add on now!
So I was chilling at home and my friend Jeremy called asking me to come down to the bike shop to chat with this dude about Brazil, since I had just come back from there.  So i toddle on down and chat with dude for a while, anyway I ended up hanging out at the bike shop for like 3 hours chatting to this other random dude that was there getting some repairs done.  Chatting with this guy was a total blast, it was flirty but in that flirty funny way so I didn’t think much about it.  So before I left he got my number so we could hang out sometime.  When I got home there were some texts going back and forth, the gist of which leaned towards us making a date.  This amused me to no end but I went with it, although there were a couple of little things he said that stuck me as odd.  I of course brushed them off as my not getting some joke or missing something.  Like he was surprised he didn’t get the invite, I said well if my friends and I go out will be sure to invite you.  Talking about going for coffee and he tells me I don;t like coffee I like cake, I’m thinking great no coffee.  Where should we go? your house.. that one made me kinda raise and eyebrow, but I thought maybe he meant around my house as we both know that area.  Until I told him well I don’t have cake hanging around my house, you going to bring me some cake.  To which he replied, “I am cake”  WHAT!!!!! lol I stuttered for like 5 minutes. 

Anyway the add on to that is I met this girl at this little party out in Fu Long, who not only knows cake but has hooked up with him.  Demetra was hilarious! she and I know all of the same people but from different sides.  Was endlessly entertaining comparing notes on people.  too much fun.. apparently cake is packing some heat hhahahahah.




2 responses

11 04 2007

You have to admit, that’s a pretty straight forward pick up line!!! Too funny. So……., did you have the cake???

11 04 2007

I have not yet sampled the desert tray ;).

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