Vancouver, gained 8 pounds in 3days GOD.

21 03 2007

Vancouver was good.

Spent a bunch of time with my mom and my sister.  Plus worked out some problems I was having with my mom.  Seriously though I don’t know that I have ever eaten so much bloody food!!  It wasn’t my fault, but everywhere you went they give you 5000 pounds on a plate.  Plus there was just mad nummy food lying around all the time.  I almost snacked my self to death and as double entendre as it sounds I have to concur with Tracey about how I’m “the meat nibbler” (just giggle now and get it over with).  I mean BBQ pork, turkey, ham, salami, steak whatever if it’s yummy and meat I will snack it until it is gone. Without fail.  Learn something new about yourself everyday I guess.

Anyway other than stuffing my face like food was going out of style, and watching HDTV at my sister’s place.. FUN!   I hung out with some friends, got to see Becky, Troy, Tysen, Jordy, Sammy, RAY, Kat and more..    Also my mom made ‘Christmas Dinner’ and we had a party afterwards… that was really fun, I got my brother-in-law drunk (extra fun as he doesn’t drink), laughed at my silly nephew bc he got so drunk he was tossing his cookies.  And we all danced like fools in the living room, good time.. nothing like a little Madonna while being silly.

Anyway the details are a little Fuzzy, but I had a good time in Van, and though it was a short time I really enjoyed my time there.  Canada was surprisingly pleasant, everyone was really nice and friendly.  🙂

  God the only bad thing was someone told me the wrong date for taking me to the airport and I realized a day or two before that it was the wrong day.  Goodness that would have sucked… I was pleased when I figured out that My baggage weight limit was much higher than I was expected… (thank GOD!!)  Anyway went out to the Airport that evening, and ended up chatting with this girl at Starbucks who was from Taiwan, that was entertaining.

   The flight back was ok, but the lay over in Manila was kinda ass (but the flight price was right), and I arrived home Thursday afternoon.

EDIT: I totlally forgot about us hanging out with Ray we were totasly retards got all drunk and ran around calling eveyone a hoser eh.  so much fun I almost wet my self.  I stayed with ray down town and drove her to airposrt in the morning, were I locked my self out of the car, but by some amazing chance the latch didnt shut and i got back in.. good thing as I was in the drop off zone with the car running.




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30 03 2007

I fucking fall under the “and more” category? bitch


30 03 2007

See I knew i was forgetting something .. edited and fixed .. my bad sorry

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