19 03 2007

    We got to the “tightwad” Toronto Airport, where they make you pick up your bags and go through customs (whores) and the charge you 2 freaking dollars for the carts!!!!  $2??????   Seriously??? You need to use the damn thing for like 15mins but you have to use it bc your bags are all big and heavy… cheap sobs.  Anyway our flight got delayed, and delayed and delayed… and I of course need to call my mom so she knows not to come to the airport in Van to pick us up so early.  And again, of course, I didn’t have the phone number… bah!!  So I ran around the airport looking for someone who was crazy enough to pay the $8000000 for wireless, and then wheedled them to let me use it quick to get my sister’s number :D.

  Finally, we get to Vancouver, and no mom, and no bag.. oh good they lost my bag!  And the guy who I made my lost baggage claim with was such a bitch, I mean I know people are probably cranky and ugly to him.  But I was friendly and pleasant, and he was just mean to me.  Anyway other than that everything went well.  Dropped Tracey off, popped in at Becky’s and surprised her, and then went out to my sisters house.  I called the airline a bunch of times, I kept getting the run around and eventually I got cranky and I found me a weak link.  The guy who I was on the phone with kept telling me about how my bag wasn’t lost, they just didn’t know where it was.  Um… isn’t that the definition of LOST??? I kept pressing and he broke, my bag was still in Toronto bc the buggers couldn’t;t be bothered to put it on a plane (too much baggage so they pulled it).  I would have had a kitten, but I was just happy to know where the darned thing was, although I did make it VERY clear that my bag had better be in my hands the next day.  Heh it was nice and early even.

to be continued….




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29 03 2007

Dude, what are you talking about? The luggage lost man was totally normal. I mean sure he wasn’t super chipper and fun, but seriously he has the worst job ever and was like 45. Did you expect a new friend??? hahah, just cuz you make friends with everyon in Zellers, doesn’t mean you can do it everywhere!

29 03 2007

what ever they just hire a better quality of people at Zeller.. god did I just say that??? ha.. he wasa cranky bitchi should be glad my plane landed and Im alive instead of wonderign where my bag is??? can’t I land alive and have a bag?

30 03 2007

No, he was totally just exemplifying what we were talking about last night of dealing with a situation with a minimal amount of stress and being chill about it. I mean, I agree that what he said about arriving alive was a little silly, as you said “can’t I have a bag and arrive alive” but for many people that comment would’ve put the whole bag loss into perspective.

30 03 2007

true and I would have understood it if I had been freakingout.. but Iwasnt I was like hu.. any idea where it might be? It doesnt really matter I just thought he was a smidge cranky.. if I were him I would have appreciated the one person that wasn’t screaming at me and freaking out.

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