On the way back to Canada…

18 03 2007

    We got back into Sao Paulo quite late and went over to my friend Andrea’s house, that was really great.  Trace and I went and picked up our stuff and repacked to go back to Canada.  What a freaking gong show, then we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find out how we were getting to the airport.  We thought Jeff was going to give us a ride, but his job was sending him to England so he couldn’t take us, Andrea said she would take us, but she ended up having to work late so she couldn’t do it.  Serious Drama.  In the end we resigned our selves to taking public transit (with all the mad baggage), bc we couldn’t find anyone to take us to the airport and we couldn’t afford a taxi.  Luckily in the end the taxi we tried to take to the Metro, offered to take us to the Airport for a price we could swing (only a bit more than public transit would have been).  Again with the ridiculously early arrival at the airport.

   So there we are waiting to check in for our flight, for like 2 hours.. why did you ask.. well they airline staff didn’t feel like opening the FUCKING COUNTERS.  Oh they were there, sitting behind the damn counters having a chat DOING NOTHING.  Bone heads… Seriously it’s like when you go to the bank or the phone company and people take their break out front sitting there watching you wait … GO IN THE FUCKING BACK IF YOUR NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING.  Putzez… all of them.  Anyway they told us the counter would open at 7, 730 they finally open it.. bitches… 😀

    And then we got on the nicest plane ever!!!  Seriously like a little piece of first class in coach!  Apparently Air Canada has redone a bunch of their planes… and nice job I say!  I was just commenting to Tracey before we got on the plane that it’s really silly that planes don’t have plugs since everyone has a computer or some kind of electrical toy and the batteries run out on long flights.  We get on the plane and lookie!!! PLUGS!!! IN COACH!  Plus individual touch screen TVs in each seat with more movies and TV shows than you could shake a stick at.  Hell I didn’t want to sleep I just wanted to play!  And they changed the head phone thingies so it’s just one so you can use your own headphones…. The seats could have been a bit better but really it was a rather pleasant experience.




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