Last Few Days in Brazil…

17 03 2007

Ok I suppose I need to bite the bullet and write this damn update. 
It will have to come in installments, since I’m so behind one post would be like 4 stinky pages.

OK lets see, I left off just leaving Morro de Sao Paulo, anyway we were herded into what amounted to a cattle pen (mooing and everything..OK I might have been doing the mooing but whatever) to wait to get on the boat.  The reason for this has yet to be satisfactorily explained to me yet.  The boat was extra fun, I felt oddly sick (odd bc I never feel sick) but it was just a tummy bug, Tracey has no such excuse, green baby!

  Anyway we got into Salvador, and toddled on up to our hostel, I have to say at this point I was quite done with traveling.  Lucky me, only three plane rides and a couple of buses left (gag).  The hostel was actually quite fun, we met and hung out with these two guys from Australia (that had just been living in England), they were quite entertaining.  Tracey and I found this fun little art shop that (now this is super strange) gave a us this huge discount on the paintings if we purchased them with visa.  It makes absolutely no sense but we were hardly going to argue about it. 

  Oh and while hanging out in the square we stopped to watch these guys doing capoera, it was cool bc they were wickedly good, I would have taken a picture but I suspected they were charging people (I was correct int his assumption… and was glad I didn’t even bother trying to take a picture).  Anyway while I was watching, this creepy street urchin came up to me put his arm around me and kissed my shoulder.  Needless to say I freaked out and yelled at him in Portuguese to Piss off and not to touch me.  He got all kinds of apologetic and scampered off, especially when the capoera guys got pissed off at him for bugging me.  Clearly from my reaction he thought I was Local, which works for me as he backed off mighty quick… ick ick ick…. I had to go wash icky street creep slobber off my arm.. yuck.

Hmm not much else happened in Salvador.  We caught the bus to the Airport and of course it was way faster than we were told (always faster or slower by and hour or more.. always.. never correct).  So we arrived at the airport all kinds of early, and then wait for it, yup they fibbed about the flight time again… I am utterly convinced that due to the fact that Brazilians (most of them anyway) are physically incapable of arriving on time anywhere for anything, the airlines just lie to everyone and tell them the flight leaves 30 mins before it really does.  Swear to god!!  All flights in Brazil leave 20-30mins later than your ticket says!

  Anyway we met this nice guy in the airport who had just moved to Salvador from Sao Paulo and was on his way back, and (SWEET) he offered us a ride into town from the airport.   The three of us ended up sitting around and chatting forever bc the bloody flight ended up getting delayed due to lack of runway space… BAH!!!  This was amazing to me, but it was like they had taken all the seats out and crammed them all together adding, oh, about 10 extra rows, the guy in front of me reclined his seat and basically spent the entire flight sitting in my lap… Joy.

………………. to be continued…




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