Vancouver Airport

13 03 2007

Well here I am in the Vancouver airport using the highway robbery internt bc I’m bored..   And since I had a dollor but not a loonie (the one dollar coin), I had to toddle around the bloody terminal asking everyone for a loonie.. ha all these weirdo’s thought I was begginf ro money.. dude Ihave change in my hand the damn machine only takes loonies for fucks sakes…. tools…

Although the guy who gave me teh loonie was  just going to give me a buck 😀 nice.

anyway I have heaps of back posting to do but i will have to wait for when I get back to Taipei.

I will say that I had a nice time in van, short but nice, we had a wickely fun party at my siters where we all got really silly… I crused around in a fleece poncho and a huge blue flamed fuzzy hat… good times I tell yeah.

The new word of the day is Hoser… Spent some time with Ray, Tracey, and Kat (who I actually got to know now which was nice bc Kat was fun) where we basicly got drunk silly and unruly and cruised around terrorizing vancouverites… and calling everyone a hoser…. good fucking times I say!  That and following some dude to the liquor store bc he was buying clamato too, so we figured he was probably making ceasars too… heh.

3 mins left ahhhh um…
Lets see, had fun seeing eveyone I got to see, sorry to sacha, and dryw didn’t get a chance to catch up next time I guess… although I”m pretty sure it’s everyone elses turn to come visit the Magda in the Asia :D.

Anyway thanks everyone I had a good time in Canada, 
And taiwan I guess here I come, I’m tired of moving aound so chilling out and staying in one place for a while will be a nice change in pace… will try to maintain my tan some how too 😀
next time from taipei




2 responses

15 03 2007

hmmmm…… think you’ll ever call Canada your home again? Or have we lost you forever? sniff.. sob…

18 03 2007

I dunno, I like Canada too… but it’s mighty cold up there. I do want a house though… we’ll see what happens 😀 just like the rest of my life!

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