Itsy places are cool

5 03 2007

I love it when you can piddle around and get anywhere you want within 10-15 mins.  I was pissing about on the computer yesterday until 11am, and our boat left at 1130.  So I casually saunter up to the hostel get my nags saunter down to the dock with time to spare .. no rush no worries… mmmmm lovely….

  Needless to say Morro is kinda small you can walk the whole length of the beaches in 20 mins.  We had a lot of fun on the island, on Sunday we went out drinking and ran into our friend Adrian, who had oddly enough just emailed me that day and turned out (to our surprise) to be on the island as well!  So had far too many drinks and started doing that silly football thing again.. so Tracey and this Brazilian (over enthusiastic Brazilian I might add) dude go for it and he hits her really hard and she goes rocketing in the other direction… HAHAHAAHA I fell down I was laughing so hard!   

Other than that I wasn’t much into the drinking except this random night we were having rum and cokes before dinner and I got trashed.. ooops and then we went to Churrasca, also known as MEAT.. where I proceeded to steal a big stick of meat to take home with me… yum (it`s all you can eat so not taking home your leftovers.. unless you are SNEAKY like me.).  And then after food Iw as tired s off to bed for me.

Oh we also ended up bumping into Kirk and Michelle again at the dock going to the Island (the British couple we met in Fortaleza and then again in Olinda), we hung out with them a fair bit, kirk was hilarious and possibly a little unbalanced ha ha  just kidding kirk.  We met some other people while there too, Tessa and Sanjay, They where fun!  But their friends that we went with them one night WERE VERY NOT… fucking bitch faced whore named Ash tested my patience to the max.  She rolled her eyes made snobby little grunty sounds and glared at me the whole evening , that of course was when she wasn’t ignoring me.  Pleasant to say the least, I swear I did nothing to cause this I tried my bestest to be nice and friendly even in the face of her cuntiness… but no she was just a fucking CUNT.  Whore.

 We also met a nice girl named Emily just before we left and hung out with her for the last couple of days.  hmm.. well I guess thats about it… well other than my revelation about the mankini and how Brazilian dudes deliberately pull them down so you can see pubes ass crack and if you’re really lucky maybe a bit of penis right where it connects.. yum!! (gag gag gag)  See all this time I thought their mankinis just slipped down and they where too lazy and macho to pull them up but I totally busted some dude tugging them down to just the right level of obscene… yuck.

Things I must remember to write about still, how I am done with Brazil, for now anyway, the Jam toucher, and a few others that I`m blanking on right now…




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5 03 2007

ha ha i got a kick out of the mankini story – are they that hard up for a lay they have to show what they’ve got? Like a walking billboard “Free sex… anytime, anywhere, seriously, I’m a male skank”. Too funny. Kind of like the overly low cut pants girls wear, I don’t know how their pubes don’t poke out, and you would get to see at least two inches of asscrack if not for the thong they wear yarded halfway up their back… nasty. And what’s the jam toucher story? Still no details!

6 03 2007

omg i almost peed it is so funny

gorgous tiny chicken machine show

9 03 2007

the need no signs that is just a fact of life in Brazil, anyone anywhere anytime.. got old mighty fast.. I can’t understand it actually i thought i would but i really don’t.

i know ick.. i mean there is sexy and then there is just fucking tacky!!!

9 03 2007

god becky…. why must you subject me to things like this… ok ok lick poop.. stand on head was funny but STILL!!!

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