Haven`t posted in a bit.. but thee were beaches I say!

3 03 2007

Ok well I have been craazy busy… doing jack shit really but stil I haven’t been on the computer all that much.  We got to Salvador after and icky long bus ride, if I never see a bus again it might still be too damn soon.  Anyway we got to Salvador in the last sat morning, wandered around for a bit and then popped over to the dock and caught a boat to Morro de Sao Paulo, which is officially my favourite place in Brazil.  Well ok the little Isreal/Britton thing wasn’t to die for but we still met loads of fun peeps.  Plus I had a great time lying around been a complete lazy sack of poo.  I spent most days layingon the beach (which for the record is all I wanted to do in this Damn country and I unfortunately spent far more time doing other crap), so I finally have a nice tan… but not quite as much as I wanted to get… sigh… but I did only have a week.  my tan lines are quite fun though!  I have rairly been so amused by my own bum… grin

Lets see I`m sure I had lots to say but now suddenlyI`m feeling the call of the hammock so it will have to be saved for later 🙂




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