The damn house…

23 02 2007

Christ I keep forgetting to write about the house…. and the all the strange small world moments.

Small world… So before arriving I say to Trace, ‘hey what do you think the odds that we will run into all those people we know and have met on the way on the streets in Olinda, wouldn’t that be funny?”, Tracey pointed out that there will be thousands of peopel there and huge milling crowds so unless we plan a meeting it’s kinda unlikely to just be bumping into people… man made sense but so not true… 

I was walking down the street and saw this guy who is friend’s with chris who I met over sushi, and I didn’t even know he was going to be in Olinda for Carnival (Einar, who admittadly sticks out with his tall blond white icelandic thing going on, but still).  Then we bumped into the English couple we met in Fortaleza on the street, (turn out they were staying at the same hostel).   And later that evening we ran into the argentinians and the columbian girl (steph) all on our first night out!  But wait it doesn’t end there, then our frend Sanju (who me met in Rio) showed up with her friend Chini stopped by our houseand we went out for the day (ok that one was planned but whatever), and then as I mentioned before we ran into JORDAN… so funny, Jordan is this guy from our grad class who i was actually friends with back in the day and I haven’t seen or spoken to him in.eons…  and then I think well thats it no more surprises… but wait one more… turns out our roommate in the house, Bernadette, is this girl who I was chatting with online threough couch surfing in Sao Paulo for a few weeks a while back.  We never ended up hanging out… so it took her a few days to realize I was the same girl from couch surfing…. (four days to be exact, I only clued in when she told me :D).

So the house, well cram 25 people into one house and you get some amusing madness… and some really fun nick names.

There was/is, The window natzi (who controlled the window with an iron fist), Flesh eating disease (this german girl with some frightening infection on her leg), The freezer (alex who puts everything in the freezer and makes some surprisingly yumy frozen things!!), The podless Isreali aka The Witness (bc he doesn’t travel in a herd of Isreali’s…. quite unusual, and he alsways seems to be around to witness crazy things and tell us about what really happened), Hammok man aka The hammok violator (with his little puta in Ronja’s hammock), The german playboy ( bc he’s only been home one night and he had a german play boy that was surprisingly tame and dull), Fat French dude (self explanitory really), PUTA (the possible whore, who fat french dude met the day before and showed up at the house with … I do not like her… fucking PUTA… more about her in a min) {Puta means whore/bitch/slut}, Dirty dish dude (spanish guy who was allergic to washing ANYTHING), Magic thighs (he wore tiny towels and had surprisingly shapely legs), 

Damn it I just accidentally deleted the whole jam toucher story.. and I don’t wanna write it again now… so It will have to be saved for another day.. I’m done now 😛




2 responses

25 02 2007

You ran into Jordan? Crazy fucking small world huh. How’s he doing? Ha ha got a kick out of your nicknames, how you can share your space with so many people is beyond me, I would go nuts. And what’s up with “jam toucher”? Did I miss something? WTF is a jam toucher??? DETAILS!!!

26 02 2007

yeah the jam toucher story got erased, which made me all kindz of cranky especially bc I’d been sitting at the computer click clacking away for ages… maybe I’lll write it now.. though I’m not sure I’m in the mood at the moment.. tis funny though

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