More Olinda

23 02 2007

You know I’m gonna forget some good stuff but I’ll do my best.  

So I left off with the body checking people.. now I was quite sober and it was some of the most fun I have had in ages.. plus I kept blowing raspberries on this dude’s tummy.. fucking funny (the guy we kept attacking that Alex was kissin’).  I giggle just thinking back.. oh and I ended up yacking to this Brazilian girl her mom and her aunt.. bc they thought we were weird so I was explaining what we were doing… and then ended up bitching about how Brazilian guys act like I’m some kinda tasty snack, which can be fun but is annoying when they persist too long.  Then this guy processes to pull on my arm and slobber on me… ick.. i told him sorry I wasn’t interested and pulled away, so he grabs me again… I walk away a little and keep talking to the Brazilian chicks.. and dude grabs me turns me around and tries to shove his tongue down my throat… hem.. I got kinda pissy then and yelled at him (in Portuguese) “what you don’t understand NO? NO… fuck off!!!” and shoved him away from me… turned back to the Brazilian girls who were laughing and clapping and telling me well done.. amusing I say!

That was the end of that night which was also the end of Carnival.  So we toddled off home, bc we didn’t want to go into Recife (partly due to my disliking.. and also bc it’s a pain in the ass getting there).

Not too much else exciting has happened  I think, well nothing gripping is coming to mind… ah well one thing

One banking in Brazil is the greatest  exercise in futility I have ever had the misfortune to experience… fucking Jam touchers EVERYWHERE!!!  No one has any clue as to what is happening or why. bah.. we have had the worst time changing money and it’s just an ass experience.. now we are just withdrawing money from Tracey’s bank and splitting the fee and I’ll cash the rest of my travelers checks and pay her back in Canada..  I am not even going to explain the Gong show it has been going form bank to bank to bank that was supposed to be able to help us and no one could… guh…




2 responses

25 02 2007

ha ha wish I’d been there to see you freak out on that guy… I’m sure it was spectacular. I hope you humiliated him… heh heh. I can’t believe the shit trouble you’re having with banks. What exactly is their purpose if you can’t withdraw money, exchange money – I mean what’s the point?

26 02 2007

nah he was far to drunk to be anything other than to stumble away and try and molest someone else… freak…

I know the freaking banks are run by morron who then hire metally retarded people to work them.. fun fun fun

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