Good golly miss molly…..

22 02 2007

Ok I’m not going to post much right now bc the spacebar is shit..

So as I mentioned being sick sucks…. but i decided fuck it I’m going out anyway… we went to reciefe…and I have to say …I was bored.  The most exciting thing that night (sat I think) was ..hammock man.  So we got home, to discover that this dude has brought home some little tartlet… so rude as it was agaianst the rules and we are not in a hotel, we are staying at  this womans house for very near to free…..anyway…. soon after alex comes pelting into the room…bc they are naked in Roinya’s Hammock.  No the physics of sex in a hammock aside… ewww.  Anyway they are getting it on…and alex,liz and kelly are pissed (really I was just thrilled for all the excitement).  So everyone goes out to tell the naked hammock peoplehow rude they are….good stuff…I came along and just said yeah a lot.   Good times I tell you…ok I can’ttake this space bar so more later from a  diff computer…




2 responses

22 02 2007

ewww hammock sex

23 02 2007

i know.. ick ick ick

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