Big brother… Olinda

22 02 2007

Ok keyboard with less deficiencies.. so.. where was I?
ah yes. hammock man… well there was quite the kerfuffle… oh hang on.. I almost forgot..

Alex, Kelly and Liz this is for you, “YEAH”…

moving on… anyway so after such an exciting night… it was hard to top, but we puttered around Olinda and vowed not to go back to Recife.  Drank all day long and got very silly on the loverly strawberry sugar booze bombs…  heh.. good times, unfortunately we went home to eat and lost all steam by the time we got back out it was all over.. ah well.. but guess who we ran into on the way… Jordan Anderson… from Smithers.  CRAZY….  well after that nuttiness we ended up going home.

The next day we were determined to be out the whole time whic of course failed and we were lame.. plus i’m all sicky poo poo so not so much fun.  But in the end we ended up having a blast attacking people by football checking them with our boobs.. fucking hilarious… bleh ok enough computer will post more later.. must remember to talk about the jam toucher and everyone else’s craziness in the house!




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