Cold for Carnival

18 02 2007

So carnival is sort of a combination of new years halloween, and possibly a little festivous mixed in there, with dancing and drinking in the sun shine… and I have a freaking cold…. what the hell…. oh well I’ll be lame today and play tomorrow no matter how I feel… going to go make some soup and ‘pamper’ myself.. since no one else is going to do it for me.

Ok well actually I just came to the internet in hopes that I would have some fun email, but that was kinda bust… and I feel icky and dribbly so I’m gonna go home…
till I next venture to the computers….




4 responses

19 02 2007

Okay, somehow I missed the story of you losing all your stuff. What happened? You were robbed?


19 02 2007

happy chinese newyears

23 02 2007

Yeah some sucking mc suck face stole my camera and Ipod.. bummer but not the end of the world

23 02 2007

I was so confused I keep getting these happy new year messages..a nd I was like WTF??? lol.. but Chinese new year got it!!! Happy Carnival 😉

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