Bah humbug and then yeah

17 02 2007

So After the banking fiasco, went to the mall, hung out looked for some things, nothing too earth shattering.  Went back to the hostel, where after reading for a little bit I conked out at 7pm, Apparently Tracey putzed around for a while waiting for me to wake up and gave up around 1030 and just went to bed her self, Imagine my surprise at 3 am when I awoke, feeling mighty fresh I might add.  So I had a snack. read for a bit and back to sleep for me.  A good 12 hours of sleep later up I got ha ha.

Spent a little while on the beach, and then gave up on my hunt for sparkles as an exercise in futility.  So off to the bus station we went, this is were things begin to go to hell in a hand basket.  First the city bus to the bus station takes forever to get there, then while on the bus we realize wait we are running out of time, hop off the bus to grab a taxi and NO TAXIS… gah.. we are right on the edge of panic now, suddenly heavenly taxi arrives… yeah!!! so in we go race to the bus station, and arrive just in time to stop the bus from pulling away.. yeah!!!  a few hours on to the road and whats this??? Police stop the bus to check the tickets, and then decide there is a problem and hold the fucking bus up for an hour and a half… bah…  then we finally get going again only  to stop again to clean up vomit.. (ewww) and of course this takes forever too.. bah bah bah..) we finally get to Recife HOURS late.. only to discover the tourist info desk is closed.. grrr… so we take the metro into town to then catch a  taxi… guess what.. yup no taxi’s.. What the hell!!!!!

then i realize that I have forgotten that god damn bow and arrow that i have been lugging all over hells half acre on the damn bus!!! and i forgot my sarong at the hostel.. guh..   Finally we get a taxi and off to to Olinda we go.. but oh all the roads into Olinda are closed… i could dry.. but it all worked out in the end we are settled into our house and there are heaps of fun people there so it should be a good time.. ok times up I have to go… more later



2 responses

18 02 2007

omg – who knew travelling could be such a bitch? hope your luck turns around

18 02 2007

😀 it’s not all that bad but I don’t like moving around so much I would much prefer to stay in one place for a set period of time… not 3 days here 1 day there 2 days her 4 days there… etc.. I hate packing moving unpacking the whole cylce makes me freaking cranky. 😛

Fun people at the house in Olinda though!! good stuff

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