It ain’t christmas in this Castle…

15 02 2007

  So out of broken Canoe we went, into the ickiest bus I have ever had to pay real money to ride on.. I mean really prisons are kept better than this piece of crap.. It fucking rained in the bus… ON ME!!!!  stupid piece of crap shit hole bus.

  Anyway got to Natal, and went to our hostel that was meant to look like a castle.. and I’ll be damned it DOES!  Far and away the coolest hostel I have ever seen.  I of course being camera unabled will not be showing you what it looks like…. but it’s a castle with drawbridge and medieval pub etc.  Too bad it’s a little on the pricey side.

  Anyway last night we went for food and it was such a gong show, not the food getting just the people on the street, transvestites everywhere, old men playing the triangle, fire dancers, crazy dude jumping at people for shits and giggles.. made me giggle.. but he wasn’t jumpi9ng at me.. heh.

Then I hung out in this hammock made from sticks.. looked like a suspension bridge.. and chatted with this Brazilian dude, the guys dragged us outside to hang out and drink (which I didn’t do bc I’m not drinking right now).  But it was fun hanging out, then they  took us to this dancing place nearby, kinda like two step joint or something.  That was pretty fun, they guys taught me how to dance, and I held me face down at all times to avoid the attempted kisses that I knew were coming.  heh.

  Tracey of course foolishly looked them in the face and got a mouthful.. ha ha … and then invitations to go back to Rio with dude. hahahahahahh …. breaking heart all the way up the coast.

  Today we … hem .. tried to exchange money which was the most fool hardy thing apparently.. fucking stupid AMEX… I hate them.. their web page is ass.. and stupid and lies about all kinds of things like location and existence of banks that will exchange their travelers cheques…  So after finding the mystery hidden bank (that was unmarked and hidden inside a medical office), they are stumped as how to help us… (side note it’s entertain bc no matter who asks a question usually Tracey asks and sometimes me, but with out fail they always answer looking at me.. chuckle). So after trundling all over hells half acre calling everyone on the moon we have concluded can’t change the stupid fucking things here… have called and confirmed for this other city so I hope the little money we have hold out until then. 🙂

Ok well I’m done now…  
Oh my tummy hurts and it kinda sucks… I don’t like it, not one bit I say…




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16 02 2007

a bank… that can’t exchange money. Nice. Very useful.

23 02 2007

You have NO IDEA!!!! it’s a cronic issue.. that and banks that you can’t withdraw money from and no one knows why… idiots.. Jam touchers all of them!!

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