Broken Canoe you broke my heart…

14 02 2007

  Well we’re leaving broken canoe today and it’s POURING rain… and Tracey said we wouldn’t need our rain jackets pffft.    yesterday was a little adventure.. stupid sun kept hiding from me. I mean really I went to the beach for 2 hours no sun i go to the Internet cafe.. sun I come out no sun, have lunch sun, go back out no sun… FUCK!!!!  But fun thing was Tracey ended up chatting with these Argentinian dude who were fun, one of which was really chatting and funny and this American Colombian girl they were traveling with.  They will be going to Olinda for carnival too so maybe we will meet up with them again.

  Anyway had some laughs chilling by the pool, and we were having this sex convo.. you know horror stories, and the like…. and the other girl said the funniest thing i have heard in fucking ages… ‘listen buddy, I’m a little like the elevator you can push that same button a 1000 fucking times, it’s not going to make me come any faster, try something else!!!”  stitches I say

Then Niko 9the Argentinian guy, tells us about this psychotic bouncing jackrabbit like girl he was with who 3 seconds into the sex was like what the hell aren’t you done yet??? hhahahahahah the best was him bouncing in his chair demonstrating her (lack of) skills hahahhahaha

Anyway we are off to Christmas town today (Natal) and it just stopped raining .. hooray! so I’m gonna pop down and get some breakfast. and then to the stupid bus.. i hate buses i never want to see a bus again… bah… teleporting I say!




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