so many things..

13 02 2007

ok so while I just lazy about on the beach or in a hammok all day, or play on the internet, I totally keep meaning to write about amusing little things and then they all escape my head when I am sitting here.

Like the pube picker.. this dude just sitting on a bench shorts pulled out and having a sort through his pubes… or random drunk dude with his sandy cup and melon, walking around asking for money… later he lost the melon, and the cup but had upgraded to a little glass mason jar…

Anyway I can’t think or anythign else and it’s sunny again so back to the beach for me!!!




2 responses

14 02 2007

some guy was picking through his pubes? Wonder if he was looking for crabs…. oh I just grossed myself out.

14 02 2007

probably… hahahhaah

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