Open to the public…

10 02 2007

So we left Jeric this morning at the crack of dawn, only to realize that was a slightly bad idea as there are no money places open today as it is a Sat.  Oops, and we are getting out of dodge tomorrow morning.. oops.. oh well we’ll figure something out.  

It looks like we will have something figured out for carnival, but I’m not counting my chickens untill they are sitting my hand…

The bus ride was rather uneventful, we arrived back into Fortaleza, cruised around a little looking for the hostel which I am totally unimpressed with, fuckers make you rent your sheets.. WTF isn’t that what I’m paying for.. and it’s not even particularily cheap asswhipes….  doesn’t matter we are leaving soon.

ok I have nothing to post reall excet we went for linner at this sport club restaurant that had a big sigh that said open to the public.. which we thought was odd for a restaurant untill we realized it was attached to the sports complex.. all is made clear.. well off to get some ice cream and wallow in self pitty. 😉




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11 02 2007

big hugs
thought u needed it

11 02 2007

Sounds like you have had a time of it. Hope your luck picks up. Sorry haven’t been online, computer is running like crap.
BTW I’m no expert on hostels, but I’ve never heard of having to rent your sheets. Retarded.

13 02 2007

ah, the rented sheets… did you have to pay for them by the hour?? you should ask trace about the hostel we stayed in in Leon that looked exactly like an orphanage – a giant open room with 30 beds all in rows that had swinging tavern doors that went directly into the bar. saweet. I can’t remember if we had sheets or not… e

14 02 2007

no no just by use… lol. orphange.. nice did they feed you gruel?

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