rain.. poo

8 02 2007

No it isn’t raining poo.  But it is raining and that is poo :P.

Ok Actually I have nothing to post but I look like a loser being at the cafe for the billionth time for 5 seconds at a time, it’s almost like I have a checking my email addiction but no friends that write to me (funny thing is i say that but every time I check my email I do happen to have some :)).

Anyway trying to work out how much money I have to do stuff.. it kinda depends on how much I have to pay to stay in Olinda, if it’s free then I have some extra cash to play with if it’s not I don’t.  Which sucks bc I won’t really know whats happen with that for a little bit yet… sigh I know something will work out it always does and I’m not to worried about it.

But it sucks a little bc Tracey wants to go do things and I would like to do them too but they all cost money, that I don’t have (or better to say I don’t know if I have or not) so I keep dragging my feet on things.

anyway I kinda need to go potty and though i would share that tidbit with everyone.. grin




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