planes, donkey’s and Sand dune tractors.. oh and exploding inflated cats

7 02 2007

So we left Rio, I had a bad night, and very little sleep monday night, and had to get up early to go on tuesday.  Then the stupid bitch (who you might have devined I don’t really like), was really late.  

We did have a nice taxi driver though.  Got to the airport, and Tuesday Feb 6th with forever be known as the day that mad was a allowed to take a bow and arrow into the airport and onto the plane… with no questions asked.  Swear to god!.. I’d show pictures but as Tracey has already mentioned my stuff got stolen on sunday.  It sucks I’m bummed and there is nothing I can do about it.  It’s just stuff, not heartbroken over that.

The flight to fort aleza a good, the only downer was I sucked at our game of scrabble and kept passing out (tired) oh and it was freeeezing on the plane.  We arrived in Fort aleza with the barest minimum of plan.. which turned out ok as we changed it anyway.  Turned out this little beach town in the north (that you had to take this sand buggy truck tractor thingie to) was leaving in an hour.. so off we went.  More transit, but on the bus, I met this cool Canadian Dude from Vancouver but living in Perth.  We all ended up going for a beer and chatting last night once we were all settled into our places.  

  Hanging out with him was kinda fun and nice as he is our age (I never seem to meet and hang out with people my age usually much younger or older) and from (generally) the same place. (Western Canada).   Anyway It was nice talking to someone from home who has also lived abroad.

   We ended up not going to the hostel here bc this really nice woman named ingrid rents out a little suite in her house for pretty cheep´, she was really nice, friendly and helpful, so we though what the heck.

   So we are still trying to sort out the Olinda disaster (I think I mentioned it the girl who said we could stay with her bailed on us).  Turns out there are a few other people in a similar boat and a few options have become available to us.  We’re obviously trying to work out what the most affordable and convient thing will be.

Not much else to report other than I might be getting a little sick, I’m kinda stressed out, and bummed about some things.  But over all, I’m still just laughing at lifes little disasters. 




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8 02 2007

good on ya!!!

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