Hmmmmm well

5 02 2007

So Was nicely lame and just went to bed on sat!! yeah sleep.. my foot hurt so badly, that I wanted to cry.  And on sunday we went to the hippy market and then the beach.

Then we went to the Churracaria (bbq joint) and stuffed our selves… that was good but bad later when trying to get ready to go out… tum tumm!
Then out to the Favela Funk party, good times, I had a lot to drink and was saved from drowning in the sea of men by my friend mick the livegaurd… Funny I did a lot of dancing got molested a lot but didn~t kiss anyone.. I wasn~t feeling the smoochage..

Got back and drunkenly played on the computer .. and thank christ i didn~t actually post while drunk :).

Today we all got together (adrian tracey jess and me) and went hang gliding.. it was a little expensive but really fun and well worth it.. it’s something I might like to get into actually… you know when I have money.

Thats about it I guess… 
We are off the fort aleza tomorrow.. oh oh oh.. well another thing the girl who we were supposed to stay with juts bailed on us.. so now we have no where to stay for carnival.. 10 days before.. which is bad… we are trying to figure somthing out and Im sure it will all work out but it’s a little worrying right now… 
ok now thats all 😀




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19 02 2007

Why did your foot hurt?


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